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“Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi” – A Sanskrit Shloka uttered in the Hindu epic Ramayana

Meaning: “Mother and Mother Land are superior even to heaven”.

Odisha previously known in many names like Orissa, Utkala, Mighty Kalinga always been a land of strong art,& architecture. We are fortunate to born to this state full of natural beauty, simple living, strong art, agriculture, and trading base.

Apart from being blessed with natural surrounding beauty, we always had a strong inclination towards handloom and handcraft products of Odisha and a glance of it has always amazed us. As a family we been taught virtues and value naming few like sustainable lifestyle, elegant power dressing, importance of quality over quantity. We are always grateful and thankful to our Parents for everything.

In an ideal phase of life back in 2014, suddenly the thought of promoting Odisha handloom and handcrafts came up restlessly in us. With no business background, marketing idea nor much clue , Bidyut Fashion House Pvt. Ltd. was born in the name of our mother. With help of few known weavers, and artisans, little knowledge of art and crafts and most important blessing of both our parents to promote Odisha handloom and handcrafts we started our journey.

Every drop in the ocean counts. Our strive to promote Handloom and handcraft products of Odisha and other state of India is ON. We strongly believe we will be able to make any small or big impact to popularise and promote Odisha handloom within and outside India, build a sense of sustainability among people, love for art and craft to sustain our weave and weavers, art and artisans. 

Lets take pride in local art and artisans. #vocalforlocalindia #supportweavers #Odishahandloom #handloomsaree #vocalforlocal

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